The mission of photography is to explain man to man and each man to himself. -Edward Steichen

Laura's Achievements

Nov. 2002, Laura has taken pet picture for the front cover of SBC Yellow Page Phone book.  It was a moving company sponsoring ASPCA.  They wanted a photo of dogs moving their dog house.  So she put Cody Long-Edwards, her yellow lab mix in driver’s sit and her friends’ dogs which was a big black German Shepard in passenger seat of this convertible and small dog with dog house in back seat.  The dogs look like they were moving their dog house.    Laura received recognition who took the picture and received a $1,000 free listing in the phone book.

Nov. 2003 to July 2004, The SBC phone book advertises using the pet photo on 20 billboards around Dallas one year and the next year in Fort Worth.   That was a nice surprise about the billboards.

Feb. 2003, Laura also did the front cover of Bloodlines Dog Magazine.  It’s a picture of a French massive puppy.  The owners show this dog and submitted a photo for year book.  The photo ended up on the front cover of Bloodlines Dog Magazine.  Laura received recognition who took the photo.

Nov. 2003, Laura also did the front cover of Pet Gazettes.  A customer of Laura’s submitted a photo to this magazine.  Laura also got recognition of who took photo.

Dec. 2004, The Star Telegram wrote an article on The Pet Fur’tographer’s Santa.  He has been their Santa for 18 yrs. and voted for the best Santa Paws in DFW area.

Nov. 2005, Laura was nominated to submit photos for a coffee table book called Greater Dallas Visions.  It has photos from animals, people, flowers, landscape, builds and etc. taken by a group of nine very high profile and very well known photographers like Gail Nogle, Teena Jayne Friedel, Lee Baker and Jill Stephenson in the State.  It was a very high honor to be associated with the group of well known photographers.

Jan. 2006, Laura has developed a website for The Pet Fur’tographer.  

Laura has always grown up with a house full of animals.  Currently, Laura has three furry four legged kids herself.  Her oldest boy is a Yellow Lab/Greyhound mix named Cody, which is 5 yrs old.  Her youngest daughter is a Border Collie mix named Abigail “Abbey”, which is 8 mo. old.  And her oldest daughter is a Siamese mix cat with gorgeous big blue eyes named Sabrina, which is 9 yrs old.    She adopted all her kids and she brags a lot about how they have been the best kids ever.    Of course they give her the third degree when she comes home from a pet photo shoot.  But they still give that unconditional love no matter how bad your day has been.    She wouldn’t trade her babies for anything.  

Laura has taken pictures of all kinds of animals like; Mountain Lion, Black Panther, Sugar Glider, Hedgehog, Monkey, Donkey, Pigs, Ginny Pigs, Hamsters, Rats, Ferrets, Chinchilla, Goats, Rosters, Birds, Horses, Cows, Dogs and Cats.  

Long time customers follow Laura everywhere to get their four legged furry kids pictures taken.  

Laura always seems to capture that right moment of the furry kids when taking their picture.  She makes all kinds of weird noises, squeaks balls and does what ever it takes to get the animals’ attention.  Laura said “being as stranger has its advantage.  The animals are just like kids, they test you to see what they can get away with.  Sometimes she has to hide the parents around the corner to call the pet’s name.   Also it takes a little more patience to work with animals with disabilities like scared of flash, been abused or death or blind sometimes both.”  She has ways to get their attention also.   She always makes the animals feel safe and comfortable so they won’t be scared.  Laura has been told she has patience of a Saint.  The parents usually give up before she does.  Laura has a great passionate love and patience for all kinds of animals and animals love her.   Parents say there is no way you got any good pictures of my furry kids, because they were so bad.  Laura said “the parents don’t see what I see behind the lens, they just see all the hard work of posing their kids for the pictures.”  When the parents see their pictures, they are amazed how Laura capture the perfect moment to treasure forever of their furry kids.  

Laura is now carrying on a family legacy in memory of her mother Linda Long.   I know her mother is watching over her, like her guardian angle that she is and would be very proud of her daughter’s accomplishments and achievements.